Hi I’m Angela Durrant, singing teacher, voice coach and music mentor.

I have trained hundreds of singers and even speakers just like you.

I live in Wales and have been a singing teacher and professional voice coach for over 8 years. To date I’ve worked with over 600 voices individually.

Although I may not know you yet, I do know this…. you really can get the skill set and mindset of a winner, and you really can find your voice and a magnetic stage ability you have only dreamed about.

What to do right now:

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Even though I know you may get many emails, you may not get ones that help you become a better singer and performer and it means I also give you a super bonus. Your Stuck to Star – Get clear, get a plan and get moving pack. A free audio and downloadable action plan to give you the exact tools to move forward today.

Why not step into that right now? Put your details in the box and then feel free to click through the site, where you can book a Skype or in person singing lesson, get tips from the blog and even find some extra home study options. Today is your day. Seize it!

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Angela Durrant singing coach Angela Durrant singing coach Angela Durrant singing coach





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