Step into singing with a home study course

28 Day Bootcamp_Home Study Course
28 Day Bootcamp_Home Study Course
Begin the program – 28 days of exercises – 20 mins a day + 8 mins a day learning = 28 mins a day for 28 days to a better voice.

What is Stopping You?_Home Study Course
What is Stopping You?_Home Study Course
These powerful audios unlock the reasons why you lack confidence. With over 6 hrs of training & worksheets you will have the tools to break free from fear.

Order both Home Study Courses and save £37!

Both Courses_28 Day BC & WSY?_2015
Both Courses_28 Day BC & WSY?_2015
Signing up for both 'What's Stopping You' and 28 Day Boot Camp. Get a discount price for both Home Study Programs. Be well on your way to the singing/performing vision you have for yourself.

Why home study?

If you are new to singing or have taken lessons before but would like to re-visit your technical ability by studying a different method than previously, then a home study program could be a good fit for you. A home study program is never meant to replace singing lessons 1-2-1 simply because we cannot often hear our bad habits so working with a coach who has a sharp ear and wants to help you succeed is always the better option; but downloadable information and exercises can be good if you are on tour and need warm up and cool down exercises or if you are nervous about committing to a course of study and want to test the waters first.

I’ve tried home study before but didn’t complete the course, how will this be different?

Well, it will and it won’t be different. You have to mix a bit of self discipline with a new decision to finish what you start. On average the number of people who complete a home study course is very low (that’s encouraging eh!) so why bother? Well, the feedback I had from one lady who said she was excited to come home from work, put her little boy to bed and find her daily emails in her inbox, with some new information about how the voice works and a new weekly set of exercises ready to challenge herself with. She had never studied with a teacher before and her biggest fear was turning up to a lesson and feeling inadequate and judged. By using the home study program she was able to get used to my voice, to the point that finally several month after completing the course she was able to pluck up the courage, book a session and is now studying monthly with me according to her budget. That is the reason I put the program online.

How does the 28 day bootcamp work?

On the first few days you will receive an email with instructions on how to assess your voice. I also want you to know you are not on your own here as I have included my personal email for you to email me a recording. It doesn’t have to be on anything fancy, your smart phone, or you tube, instagram, facebook, a free downloadable software program such as audacity for Mac or PC can be used.

I will personally listen to it and reply back to you giving you an assessment and which exercises you should begin with. I have recorded and enclosed 4 weeks supply of exercises for 4 different voice types including male and female (I have never found one size fits all!) and each week a new slightly more challenging set will be sent. This is home-study with a difference. I will be there to help you throughout the 28 days via email or facebook or skype and I want you to contact me if you get stuck or need help. I may not get to ever meet you in person, but that’s no reason to struggle or give up.

You will also receive daily emails with a little bit of science and technical advice to help you understand you instrument better, but nothing overwhelming. If you get a taste for the science behind your sound then you are ready to study further and need to set up a call with me to help you do that.

The idea is to get you more consistent in your practice routine by doing just 28 mins a day for 28 days. New habits reap big rewards and because I know how easy it is to get carried away and emotionally buy something only to never even use it, I have made it quick and easy to use. As I said, I am on hand to help you if you have trouble technically either accessing the downloads or feel that you may be losing your way. I sure don’t want that! I want you to see what’s possible and become a better singer. I have also enclosed some BONUS training audios from the group I ran live, so you can feel part of the journey that many others have taken successfully. All you need to do is start.

What’s Stopping you?

This is some of my most powerful teaching yet on why we start things and give up, or fail to achieve the lasting success we really want no matter how hard we push and shove for it. The ‘What’s stopping you?’ home study course is 6 x 1 hour audio training calls with an accompanying downloadable workbook. You simply listen to a call and follow along with the exercises in the workbook. Sounds easy right? Yes if you are committed to facing your fears and are ready to DARE GREATLY in your life. What is daring greatly? Its simply being courageous enough to keep facing the fears and move out of the comfort of the shadows or the stress and finally be the person and the singer you want to be.

The course will show you what holds you back, why some fail no matter how much talent they have and why you can succeed in areas of your life where all you may have experienced so far is failure. Some people don’t want to face their inner demons and prefer instead to keep deluding themselves. I know that’s not you. I believe in your future and your dreams, even if I don’t know you.  All of the hundreds of singers who have allowed me to share their stories, trials and sufferings have contributed to make this a powerful and life changing program.

If you are committed to turning things around then study with me on the 28 day bootcamp, the What’s stopping you program or take both together and don’t forget to allow me the honor of sharing the journey with you and hearing your story after.

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