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Warm ups for children

My Secret Top 7 exercises for children
age 8-12 yrs


There is no fluff behind these powerful exercises! They are the same exercises that have trained Grammy Winners and top celebrities. They are like going to the gym for your voice! The thing is they are safe for children too!

Straight to the point, with explanations for each exercise to make sure your child is doing them correctly as well as vocal demonstrations to copy, your child can sing along with me and the exercise, have fun and improve their range, pitch and co-ordination at the same time as making crazy, silly sounds!

Each exercise works the tongue, shaping of vowels and consonants and helps your child co-ordinate from the bottom to the top of their sound. There are no studio vocal enhancements on this recording which means your child will listen to and copy a true vocal tone (not a thin, compressed and pitch corrected tone).  It’s vital your child finds their own sound if they are to become good singers.

Only £7.99


Making Singing Easy for Juniors
Making Singing Easy for Juniors
Price: £7.99

Who will benefit from these?

 They are not intended for boys whose voices are already changing and they are not intended to replace work with a vocal coach or singing teacher, but they are the top exercises I use with junior singers age 8-12 who are looking to get a stronger more healthy sound.

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