Superstar singing and voice coach Angela Durrant is changing and challenging the way we nurture talent, and train voices. As a sought after voice and performance expert Angela wants to help singers and musicians create their own path to fulfilling their singing dreams.


“When Singing is right, it’s easy” says Angela and by telling the truth, she inspires her clients to do the work needed to be the best they can be. Angela’s work includes: fixing vocal problems, developing the artist as performer and creating a unique career path.

The one thing her clients experience is her warm, infectious personality. Her positive, humorous approach infuses all her teaching and Angela’s uncanny ability to ‘hit the nail on the head’ and get to the heart of the matter with compassion and clarity creates a safe space where problems can be overcome, fears faced and all with a sense of achievement.

“I am positive proof that no matter how many vocal problems you have or for how long you can find and develop your true voice and potential as an artist. The truth about what is and isn’t working can hurt, but not when it’s delivered by someone who cares enough not to be a ‘yes man’ or delude you. It may be your path, but you certainly don’t have to walk it alone. In fact you can’t if you are really want to make a success of your music.”

Angela’s own music career is diverse. As a singing coach she is fast becoming one of the top instructors in her profession. Her own vocal skills mean she is as comfortable singing opera as she is singing theatre and contemporary styles. “You can’t teach what you can’t do so I made sure I learnt. I studied just about every vocal method out there and being a performer myself means I know the road ahead they face” Angela says. “When I started my own career there was no help at all, just an unspoken belief that you would be discovered if you were with the right teacher or at the right college, which is flat bull****!”

Angela’s own story is compelling. Born into a rich musical heritage, granddaughter of George Formby Senior, and niece to the film star George Formby junior, Angela literally grew up on the side of stages watching her father perform George Formby’s greatest hits in his own comedy act. Her own ability to capture an audience was noticed at a young age when at 13 she recorded a musical and toured with it singing to thousands -“Greater than Gold” by the composer Roger Jones, the story of the girl Mary Jones who walked 26 miles across the Welsh hills to get a Bible. Little did she know that 20 yrs later she would find herself in Wales working as a sound engineer before studying at the Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama. Although her talents as a young classical singer were evident, Angela boldly left home aged 20 to ‘find herself’. “It took another 10 years to find myself” she laughs.“I know what it means to be a struggling artist, trying to get one break after another.”  Frustrated by the teaching methods of many she decided to study vocal technique at a deep level and found her new calling as a teacher and mentor.

“I don’t just work with artists who have already made it. I am proud to have been instrumental in crafting the voices of the latest emerging artists. Angela is proud to have worked with People in Planes, Sweet Baboo, Pretty Vicious, Gabrielle Murphy, Man without County, The Drifters, Steve Strange, The Automatic, The School, Toy Horses, Novo Amor and up and coming artists Sarah Brown, Tom Auton, Marie Batchelder, Bethan Nia as well as X-factor, The Voice and talent show contestants and hundreds of aspiring singers.

Angela has also been called upon by the University of South Wales, industry music producers, The Voice, BBC Radio, the I am Woman Foundation, choreographers and talent agencies and the Sing and Inspire business training group to comment, train, mentor, speak and work with their singers, and clients.


“The stage is the place I am most at home, but it has now become my mission that no one’s aspirations or career should be stopped because there is no one to guide them. I believe with all my heart that everyone deserves the the chance to become great.”


Angela x


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