Level 1 -Step In


This level is for you if:

  • You enjoy singing and want to improve your confidence and develop your voice
  • You have never had a vocal lesson or only had a couple,
  • You want to come back to singing after a gap
  • You are confused about what’s going on with your voice
  • You are in need of voice rehabilitation after illness or nodules.
  • You have read about different vocal methods and are confused as to how they work and which are correct
  • You have had teaching that has left you demoralized and low in confidence
  • You have sung for years but still have vocal troubles that you have not been able to overcome and therefore have stayed stuck at a certain vocal or career level.

On Level 1 it’s time to take stock of all that happens to you when you sing. The Ok bits, the not-so Ok bits, the uncomfortable and downright painful bits! We will also include the hideous self talk that rocks your confidence when it doesn’t sound like you want.  I have devised a step by step process that will take you from stepping on the ladder, walk you upwards and right through to opening the doors of opportunity.

Even if you are a seasoned performer you will benefit as much from a level one program as a beginner. There really is something for everyone here. Why don’t you jump in right now with the resources available here and I look forward to helping you make singing easy! 

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