Level 3 –  Step Out


This level is for you if:     

      • You are ready to go public and want a structured program to get you out there.
      • You want to get clear, get a plan and get going in your local scene and beyond.
      • You want to find out who your market is and how to get noticed.
      • You want to know how to build industry contacts
      • You are ready to record or have recorded before without good results
      • You need to develop a killer live show, mini set or audition plan
      • You know you need help with artist development and all that goes into turning professional
      • You have had bad experiences with breaking into music
      • You want advanced training in all aspects of your voice and career
      • You are a singer/songwriter in a band
      • You are wanting to become a theatre performer or get out of the chorus.
      • You are a classical singer (at whatever age and stage)

 On Level 3 it’s time to Rise up and Step out of the shadows and into the limelight and turn pro. If you are wanting to make singing your business, then it’s time to learn the business of singing. Too many singers (me included at first) just wanted someone great to see our potential, lift us out of the shadows and Poof! We were catapulted to stardom.

The real deal is that there are many good singers who never reach their personal best and never make money with their music because they haven’t understood how to develop themselves as artists, create their unique niche, or develop the ability to sell themselves, and their music to what is, let’s face it, a saturated industry. But yet every year people do break through, and it’s not always the most talented either.

So what separates them from the rest….Come and find out! It’s your time to Step OUT!

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Discover 10 steps to move from
"Stuck to Star"

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<strong>Discover&nbsp;10 steps&nbsp;to move from &#39;Stuck&#39; to &#39;Star&#39; -&nbsp;get your FREE audio, workbook &amp; updates now!</strong>

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