Level 2 – Step Up


This level is for you if:

      • You want to improve your stage performances
      • You have had stage experience but nerves get in the way of what you know you can do.
      • You don’t want to turn professional but you do want to be great on stage
      • You do want to turn professional and need to develop the mindset and skill set to go with it.
      • You don’t know what songs suit you and need to develop your own style
      • You are not getting noticed in auditions or competitions
      • You want to learn how to engage an audience, speak in between songs and develop a powerful stage presence.
      • You are new to performing and need help to prepare.
      • You have sung for years but feel stuck either with your voice or performance style.
      • You need more advanced vocal help and challenges.
      • You want to change voice styles or genres
      • You want to develop the ability to sing in different styles

On Level two it’s beginning the journey to become the singer and performer you long to be. There are only 2 reasons why we don’t perform our best or allow nerves to overcome us and stay stuck at a lower level – one is mindset and the other is skill set.

We go much deeper at this level into developing that rock solid confidence that every singer needs, develop a powerful stage presence and become a more advanced singer and musician. Stepping UP your own ladder to success will help you to avoid the biggest mistakes that singers make that can keep them stuck and demoralised for years.

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“I came to Angela with limited knowledge and zero confidence. Now having worked with her for just 10 months, I can hardly believe the transformation in not only my voice, but myself. Angela’s knowledge of the voice is extensive, she explains everything in a way that you can understand and her bubbly and friendly persona puts you at ease right from the offset. My voice is now stronger, my range is bigger and most importantly, I know how to use it! Angela constantly encourages me to raise the bar and push myself to become better and better as a singer and a performer. She has a knack for knowing exactly what you need before you know it yourself and her support has restored my confidence immensely. Lessons with Angela have been invaluable to me, I can’t recommend her enough”
Sarah Brown, Singer and Performer
“After some deliberation, I took “The Confident Singer” course because my musical performances are always a source of disappointment, and I suspected this was rooted in a lack of confidence generally.   Angela assured me that the course would help to address both – and I’m thrilled six weeks later to have emerged with greater understanding and a whole (life) raft of tools to help me feel equipped for success.  Each session has been packed with common sense, down-to-earth advice and new insights which have been liberating, empowering and inspirational.  The process has left me with a lot to think about and work through, but I feel sure that it will make a significant difference to my life, as well as my music. Thanks, Angela!”

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