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Attention: Recording Artists, Singer-songwriters, Musicians, Songwriters, Bands, Theatre Performers and Classical or Opera singers

It’s Here: The New Wave in Vocal Coaching

Forget Hourly time slots!

Experience the equivalent of 3 months in a day!!

I’m Angela Durrant, one of Wales’ top vocal and performance coaches and I’m here to give you the confidence and skill to sound AMAZING!

Most of my clients know me as the coach that gets you vocal transformation – fast!

The Truth is this: In the past we went along week after week to a singing teacher who told us what to do and if we couldn’t do it there and then we went away (Often without a recording) and hoped that something would stick and we would come back the next week a bit better.

I remember thinking nothing of travelling across the country for an hour lesson and spending more time travelling than singing. Sometimes I needed the chance to talk things out, get career advice, do that passage again, but there was no time to really create those shifts that my mind and body needed to feel confident that I really I understood what I was doing.

A single hour was just not enough- no matter how amazing the teacher was!

BUT………. it’s time to let the celebrity singer’s secret OUT!

There’s another way…………

I have created these Vocal Breakthrough Days to help professional singers and those aspiring to be professional, gain new mastery in their vocal technique and delivery — just like the professionals do.

Designed to do in a day what it would normally take 3 months to achieve, this day will:

  • Transform your understanding of how your voice works
  • Assess your current challenges
  • Create a personal set of crafted exercises to alter and strengthen each part of your voice
  • Master those difficult sections of your songs that stop you performing at your best

From my background as a sound engineer with rock and pop artists (when few women were doing it) to theatre performer and opera singer, I have pretty much covered all bases and sung all styles and worked with artists from Thrash metal to acoustic song writers; actors to opera singers and those who want to cross styles and genres too. In fact, I grew up watching from the side of the stage as the old British show biz pros like Frank Carson and Arthur Asked worked their magic on an audience – I know how it’s done – and I can teach you how to do it too!

What is it costing you right now………..

If you have ever had to cancel a gig, concert, competition or audition through illness and lost money, your voice or the opportunity? Then this is for you…

Are you stuck at a career level, trying hard but only playing to small crowds and not breaking through and suspect your voice isn’t cutting it? Then this is for you…

Are you NOT singing the types of music you want because your voice can’t take it?  Then this is for you…

If you are wary of vocal coaches because you tried a few but you didn’t get on with them and their methods seemed too complicated or irrelevant; then this is for you

“Angela tutored my step daughter and is a magnificent and inspirational vocal coach. She produced astounding results in the shortest period of time. Our family and Keilah are very grateful for all the support, encouragement and kindness Angela gave. Angela is certainly THE BEST vocal coach in the area, in our opinion.”
Anastasia Alexander (on behalf of her step-daughter Keilah Moore age 18)

With 4 intensive sessions including your personal vocal assessment you will: 

  • Be able to relax in the knowledge that what is out of balance or overworked will begin to settle down and improve immediately
  • Experience your mindset changed and struggles ended
  • Know you have the time to find new ways of vocalizing your songs without having to be out of the door in an hour

All sessions are RECORDED and sent to your email as an mp3 file download for you to listen to again and again. 

The on-going value is priceless. By listening again and again and repeating the exercises in your own time, before rehearsals and while on tour the value increases along with your ability.

It could be the equivalent of having 3 months of lessons in a day IF you really give yourself over, fully motivated to implement everything we do together.

I know for sure that professional singers haven’t got time to waste with beginner style hourly sessions and often need to be able to continue working, touring, recording and auditioning while trying to take measures to improve their voice!

It’s no wonder they stop training or begin to experience burnout and vocal fatigue but press on anyway!

“Hi Angela, just thought I would post my gratitude for your wonderful teaching. When I listen to old recordings of my voice, they don’t sound like me…my voice has changed and developed so much in a short amount of time. I am feeling so much more confident about my new recording venture in 2013!”
Bethan Nia, Professional Harpist & Singer

Session 1 – Discovery

  • Assessment of your current
  • Range
  • Tone
  • Vocal health
  • Identifying technical vocal needs

Session 2 – Intensive workout 1

Exercises based on the previous session to make sure your voice is:

  • Connected through the bridges from bottom to top
  • Coordinated – accurate pitching, dealing with difficult vowel/consonant combinations
  • Conditioned – correct balance of air to muscle singing from the bottom to the top of your range
  • Released – Tension free singing with great tone and unique sound

Session 3 – Intensive workout 2 – Your Personal Strategy

  • Assessment of Session 2 and creating a personal warm up routine for longer and shorter routines
  • Creation of your personal 30 min pre-gig warm up
  • Creation of your 45 minute set of transformation exercises designed to create vocal breakthrough
  • Your personal practice roadmap to achieve serious vocal leaps in a matter of months not years

Session 4 – Application to Song

  • Putting the work into your songs immediately and seeing results
  • Using the exercises to re-work difficult song passages
  • Improve your current songs
  • Lean new songs quicker with less problems
  • Gain mastery over what to practice, how to practice and when to practice

It’s time you really took a stand for where you want to be in a years’ time! 

Just STOP!! And think for a moment……………………

But what is the cost financially to you of limited ability, no mentor to guide you or at worst losing your voice? 

  • Cancelling a gig or several through illness! (£400-1000’s per gig)
  • Missing the audition because the music wasn’t prepared in time and finding the next is not for a year! (lost reputation and work)
  • Letting colleagues down and everyone losing money because your voice gave out! (£100’s to $1000’s)
  • Feeling the frustration of wanting to play to bigger crowds, get through the competition and get noticed but your voice isn’t cutting it! (loss of your confidence – value priceless!)
  • Not knowing when it’s safe to sing and when it will set you back months if you do.! (one set of cords – what value do you place on that)

It stops being a MAYBE and begins
to become a MUST. 

A professional or aspiring professional MUST:

  • Invest at a higher and more intense level to achieve greater success
  • Commit to take responsibility for their training
  • Do whatever it takes to breakthrough to the next level of ability
  • Add a high level vocal coach and coaching to their team

Your Vocal Breakthrough is right here. 

Discover a new you!
(Vocal breakthrough days can be done in person or via skype)

Request a

So let me ask you something. Have you heard the expression “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got?” If you’ve been waiting for change, but not DOING anything different or APPLYING new habits, then THAT might be why you’re getting what you’ve always got.

Here’s a chance to do it differently, to learn how to do it better – and to BECOME someone who knows how to get killer results.

Hey, you’re ready, I promise you.

And I can’t wait to work with you!!!


PS: I want to help you decide if this is really what you need?

PPS: If you have a question that you would like me personally to answer to make sure that this is a complete fit for you and the right move, then please email me to schedule a complimentary 15 minute chat.

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